If you want to give training to your dog, the best available tool is dog shock collars. It is inexpensive, safer, and effective. This is the clever tool that is used to give guidance to what behaviors are right and wrong. It is available in different sizes even it is found for the size of the smallest dog. Selection of the level of static is based upon the persistence and attitude of the pet.

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Training a dog with a shock collar, or electronic training device, is relatively easy but just have to follow some easy guidelines. If the owner of the dog does not know how to train with an electronic collar, emotional damage can be done to the dog that may or may not be repairable. Therefore, it is much better to learn, and take full guidelines on how to operate this product. This type of collar should only be used if positive reinforcement of training is not being effective. It is very effective when your dog is extra hyper and aggressive, so this will be the safest thing for both the dog and others which ensures that it is under control of the owner. Petsafe is generally thought to be the most reliable shock collar for dogs. Some electronic dog door systems work simultaneously with shock collars. For more information check out this great invisible fence video.

Modern shock collars are relatively safe and do not shock the dog with actual electricity, but instead provide an unpleasant vibration to deter the dog. If it is properly and correctly used, it can provide an alternative mean to solve tough training problems. On the contrary, it provides disastrous results when it is used by in experienced people or not handled properly.

The principle behind shock collars is to administer a pulse at the exact time when an unwanted behavior occurs. In this regard, timing is very crucial, and the method is not effective if it is administered just before or after the behavior. Dogs do not associate punishment with their actions but incidents around them matter a lot to them. If a shock is applied at random, or is not associated with a particular event, your dog may become neurotic and fearful of what is causing its discomfort. A good test of your timing skills is to practice with a clicker. For this, the best way is to sit in a room with your dog quietly and observe it, as it walks across the room. Click the clicker every time the dog lifts its right paw above the floor. If you are unable to be precise and consistent with the timing of the clicker and the paw, you should not use a shock collar.  Invisible fence collar systems are only as affective as the person using them check out this site for more information.

Shock collars allow owner to get rid of unwanted or inappropriate behaviors of their dogs. Some unwanted behavior is just irritating in dogs, like when dogs jump up on people or bark at other dogs on walk, but other behavior can be risky, like if dogs behave aggressively toward other dogs or if they run away on the road. Thus, shock collars provide a safe and immediate way to correct such behaviors. While the shocks feel unpleasant, they are not terribly painful and they should not cause any physical harm to dogs. But the overall effect of the shock collars is positive to give training to dogs.