Getting Started With Clicker Dog Training

Clicker Training Kit for Puppys
Clicker dog training is a reward based positive training method which relies on consistency, co-operation, positive reinforcement and repetition. This method is considered to be one of the most effective, humane and hands-off approach to shape any new behavior or eliminate an existing behavior problem in your dog. Just like dolphins are taught with a whistle and fish, dogs can be trained using a clicker and a treat. We all want obedient dogs, and clicker trained dogs are indeed obedient. The method is also free from any harsh corrections or violence.

What is the clicker?

The clicker is a small plastic device with a metal strip that makes a sharp, clear, and consistent sound when pressed. For the clicker training purpose, it serves to precisely “mark” the behavior that we are shaping in our dogs.

What does clicker dog training involve?

Clicker training involves shaping the behavior of your dog using small steps, identifying the behavior as it occurs, with some form of a marker signal which here is the ‘click’.

Clicker dog training employs proven behavioral science techniques to clearly communicate and interact with pups and dogs. The advancements in the field of behavioral sciences have extended into the world of animals too and there exists a greater understanding of how dogs learn and think. Clicker training is the practical application of this knowledge in a day to day situation.

How does it work?

The idea behind clicker training is very simple. The clicker will make a simple, short sound that your dog will be able to hear even from long distances. Initially, the clicker sounds are supplemented with treats. This enforcement will teach them that they will be rewarded every time they do something right.  Once your dog is used to the clicker, he can be taught commands. The clicker here is not the command, but it is the treat.

What are the advantages of clicker training your dog?

This method has several advantages. Firstly, it lets the trainer instantly reward the dog for good behavior. A click is faster than speech and it is instantaneous. Dogs associate things only for seconds and using this technique, the trainer will be able to time the rewards more accurately. In speaking, there is always the risk of missing the exact moment your dog is doing the right thing.

Another key advantage of this type of dog training is that the tone of voice and emotion are eliminated. The different modulations in a human voice can send conflicting signals to a dog, and it may sometimes lead to confusion. A click sounds the same at all times and whenever you dog hears it, he clearly knows a reward is on the way. A clicker can also be used by any member in the family, making it an effective, family-friendly option to train a dog.

Why is clicker training better than voice training?

The answer is simple. Clicks are easy to hear; words are not. While the click sound is consistent, words vary from person to person and moment to moment, but the click never changes.

Clicker dog training is an excellent approach that has been proven to be very effective. When done properly, this method can result in a very positive training experience.