How To Choose Good Dog Training Books?

Congratulations! You have brought your new puppy home. The next important step is training your pup. There are a number of dog training books and resources that you can utilize to help yourself with this task. With so many options out there, it can indeed be baffling to choose one best book. Here are a few important considerations.

Goal: You need to understand what your goals are. Try to answer these simple questions.

  • What level of book will you need? Do you need a basic training book, or an advanced training guide, or a general book on training methods?
  • Do you need a breed-specific book?
  • How much would you like to invest?
  • Do you require a short-term book or a life-long book?

Level of training:  If you need to understand basic training concepts, for instance, making your dog perform simple tasks, then choose simple books that meet your requirements. If an advanced training book is what you need, look for a one from a certified author.

A complete book:  Look for complete dog training books which will have details from training a puppy to an older dog. This way, you will not have to buy more books as your pup grows. Ensure that the book you initially invest in has information on behavior, sickness, first-aid treatment and other essential aspects of dog training.

Breed specific: There are breed specific training books as well.  Each breed of dog has varying levels of skills and abilities and may need different training techniques. Therefore, go for a book which is breed-specific.  The attributes of specific dogs will be explained in detail in a breed- specific book only.  If you have more than one breed of dog, then it is necessary that you choose books meant for mixed breeds.

Easy to understand: When choosing dog training books, take care that the book is simple in language and written in layman terms. The book must have the basics as well as the advanced skills and methods of dog training. In addition, check whether the methods described in the book are easy to understand and are suitable for your dog.

Illustrative images:  A pictorial representation will be the easiest way of presenting complicated techniques of dog training.  Most of these books will have illustrations in a simpler way to make dog training effective and easier.

Publication: Choose the latest publication while selecting a dog-training book. This will ensure that you gain an understanding of the traditional training techniques and the latest practices and ideas as well.

Details on dog accessories:  You must check whether the book provides any usage, types, and other details of dog accessories available in the market.

FAQs: A book with an FAQ section is an additional advantage as you will find answers to most of your doubts in its pages.

A reasonable cost: A dog training book with the above said features is worth paying for. After all, it is for the benefit of your own pet.

Customer reviews:  Get to know the customer reviews about the book through the internet or discuss about the book with other pet owners. Customers who have already used the book will have some plus and minus points to share about the book.

With these few simple tips in mind, you can in fact turn the whole hunting process for the dog training books into something very interesting and informative.