Small Dog Shock Collar – Brutal or Humane Instrument

PetSafe Basic Bark CollarThe small dog shock collar is an instrument used to stop the dog from any unwanted behavior by giving corporal punishment of the dog. There are many types of the dog shock collars like shock electronic collar, zap collars and e-collars. These shock collars vary on the intensity of the punishment and method of punishment. The shock collar is mainly an instrument which is used together with a remote. The remote sends a signal of punishment in the shape of pinch or electric shock whose frequency can be set by the master of the dog.

The shock collars of today are very advance compared to the decade ago. Many modifications in the shock collars have made them less harmful to the dogs. But all the animal right associations still charge these collars as a brutal instrument for the training of dogs.

Let us see the pros and cons of using small dog shock collar, which will allow us to deduce a logical conclusion to state them as a brutal or humane instrument.


  • Avoid unwanted behavior: The shock treatment allows the master to refrain the dog from any unwanted behavior. Every time when dog shows any behavior that deemed to be stopped by the trainer, the dog feels a shock around its collar. This will restrict the dog from repeating that behavior. Small dog shock collar makes the puppy learn the disciplines of the family. The low intensity shock gives as light punishment as a pinch by the mother of the puppy.
  • Containment: Many shock collars are designed for keeping the dog restricted in your own property. The shock collar gives shock as the dog moves away from some pre set distance as set by the trainer. Small dogs do not have idea of the boundary and may get lost. The shock collar will teach them not to go beyond some specific boundary and thus keep them safe.
  • Safety of the Puppy: The small dogs don’t have any idea what things are beneficial for them and what may harm them. The dog collar teaches him to stay at hand from the things that may harm them like sharp objects and rattle snakes.


  • Dog Aggression: The repeated shocks increases aggression in the puppy and may lead in bad behavioral changes and increased stress in the dog’s life as he gets older.
  • Physical Harm: The electric shock may harm the more sensitive skin of the puppy causing buns and bruises on the neck. Very intense care needs to be taken while using small dog shock collar.
  • Weak Master-Dog relation: The repeated exposure to the shock may weaken the relation of the dog with his master form a faithful animal to a more aggressive and violent nature.


After reading both the pros and cons of using small dog shock collar for training puppies, one may feel it a good instrument for training while others will think of it as brutal way. There are some other ways of avoiding the dog from some unwanted behaviors like reward trainings which can be used for training poor puppies. The shock collar may be used for older poorly handled and aggressive dogs but for puppies, it is never recommended to use one.