SportDOG 400 – A Great Way To Train Your Dog

Sport dog 400 is a great way to achieve a wonderful and successful relationship with your dog. Training your dog on obedience can be enjoyable and tough at the same time. However, there can be no compromise on training. Sport dog makes the bond between you and your pet fantastic and stronger, by channeling effective communication.

Importance of field training

Field training is probably the best method to train your dog. It makes training more fun, active and lively. When in the field, your pet will overcome fear too. Some dogs need to be rewarded for all their activities. In such a case, escape training with the use of a remote collar will be helpful. Sport dog is ideal for field training your pet. As the name indicates, it sports a ¼-mile range with 16 levels of low and continuous simulation levels.  You can use low levels of simulation for training obedience and higher levels to control unwanted behavior.

It is true that a well-behaved dog reduces your stress. It does not bark unnecessarily, and quietly waits for your approval. A trained dog will give you great company too.  Field training will correct all his behavioral problems like biting the carpet, kid’s toys and furniture, digging holes in the yard, barking at friends and so on. SportDOG 400 is also waterproof and there is no worry if your dog loves water. The submersible, waterproof transmitter is the best you can use for field training of your dog. It ensures comfort for you and fun for your pet. With no external collar antenna, your dog will be happy and free to be trained.

The sport dog is ideal for hunting with close-working dogs, light field training, and yard training. This ‘400’ model is designed with higher intensity receiver stimulation for dogs that need a little extra encouragement.

SportDOG 400 for dog training

Make your dog accustomed to his remote collar and your remote control even before the training starts, so that your pet enjoys wearing it.  Use only low simulation levels rather than high simulation in the beginning. Slowly increase the simulation levels according to the response of your pet.  Do not use Sport dog as a means of punishing any aggressive behavior. While training in a new area, your pet may get distracted far more than usual. In such a case, do not use high simulation levels to grab his attention. Go for only short training sessions to have a positive focus. Always consult a professional dog trainer for experienced professional advice.

Develop strategies to inspire your dog. He will also try to please you accordingly. Anticipate the next move of your dog, and use Sport dog effectively. As the remote is small enough to be held in your palm, you can use it conveniently. In addition, if you have more than one dog, you can use “add a dog” feature to efficiently control up to three dogs. SportDOG 400 is the best in remote collars to train your dog.

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